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Self-drive in cargo

Japanese shipping companies are working together to develop “self-driving” cargo ships, by 2025. Their current goal is to build as much as 250 ships that have an AI-driven steering system that could lay out the shortest, safest and most fuel-efficient route. Ultimately, the companies aim to implement completely unmanned shipping at some point in the future. Earlier this year we reported on Natilus who are building huge air drones that will fly across the ocean. Sure will be a different logistics world in 10-15 years!

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The HomePod

Almost since we started the feed Amazon Echo has been our favorite gadget, its integrated with several smart home platform and has thousands of “skills”. BUT (a big but for us) it never really made it to Sweden (neither has Googles version the Google Home). Now, it looks like Apple might be able to change that (hopefully) with their new HomePod, a speaker that runs Siri. Launching in three countries (later this year) from start, and reportedly to the rest of the world next year.

However, the HomePod is definitely also a competitor to Sonos which isn’t really what Amazon and Google are doing. It can adapt and tune audio based on the room it’s in and apparently sounds really good. This is likely a way of differentiating but it is most certainly also due to the fact that Siri isn’t as smart or as integrated as its competitors. Interesting to see when this arrives and how it is received!

(Apple also announced some other really interesting news, adding APIs for developers to make AR, VR and machine learning more accessible and run better on devices.)

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Oculus goes big brother

On another “self-driving” note, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is getting in to the surveillance business. Reportedly he has started a new company aiming to use infra-red sensors and Lidar, the main technology that runs autonomous cars, for surveillance. The idea would be to use the technology to secure military installations, buildings and in place of a physical border wall. (Given that Luckey donated $100,000 to Donald Trump’s inauguration a certain “wall” comes to mind…)

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