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Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries, US utility offers clients cheap Tesla batteries for grid backup and Google Assistant is about to be everywhere. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

I WannaCry

Security is back this week with the biggest ransomware attack in history. WannaCry exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows which previously was discovered by the NSA. The virus infected computers in 99 countries and caused major disruption of service for companies and authorities. In England the healthcare system was affected, “at least 25” hospitals across the country were infected, locking doctors and employees out of critical systems and networks.

In security, President Trump also signed an executive order about a week ago to extensively review the US government’s cybersecurity. So let’s hope governments and companies across the globe start taking these threats seriously because now the hackers seem to be ways ahead!

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Batteries, not oil generators!!

In a traditional power grid peak demand is usually handled by oil or coal generators fired up when there happens to be more demand. This is often the most negative part of a grid for the environment, now as we have reported earlier big battery farms can serve a similar purpose. Vermont’s Green Mountain Power is now subsidizing up to 2000 Tesla home Powerwalls for its customers. Once in operation, the batteries will stay charged in the customers’ homes and used as an additional power source during times of peak electricity usage. At night, when demand is low, the batteries are recharged. More initiatives like this please!!

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Google AI about to be everywhere?

Google had its yearly I/O Conference for developers. Lots of news but the focus on AI is distinct. Google is for one opening up a new division to focus on AI and  machine learning, as well as a new open website that will open up for thousands of other developers to use Googles AI tools.

Additionally, they are improving and upgrading on their version of the Amazon Echo, Google Home making it both smarter and more connected to other technology in your home. ‘OK Google, tell the fridge to make me more ice.’ The home assistant will also start popping up in more places than just assistants and smartphones as Google are releasing an SDK to allow it to be integrated in everything from speakers to blenders.

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