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$43 million for a hair dryer?
To disrupt or to avoid disruption one needs to stay ahead of the game somehow. Dyson, a British technology company, have found their way; invest to be the best. Now they have invested four years and a hefty $43 million to develop a new, yes, hair dryer…
It is supposed to be lighter, faster, quieter and better looking than anything else out there. Well, if that’s true, they have at least succeeded with being best. But will people pay $400 for a hairdryer? At least hairstylists are likely to get something less noisy! Interesting to see if they succeed.

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SpaceX to Mars in 2 years!
SpaceX plans to send its Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018, the company announced last week. If successful, the endeavor would make SpaceX the first private spaceflight company to land a vehicle on another planet, and it would be an important stepping stone for Elon Musk’s mission to put a million people (permanently!) on Mars. Musk has said that he will reveal the full extent of his Mars colonization plan this September. Very exciting times we live in!
We highly recommend those who wants to read more about SpaceX and Elon to go to the “waitbutwhy” blog.

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Is this year the tipping point for solar?
Elon Musk isn’t only big in electric because of Tesla. He also co-founded SolarCity, a provider of solar cells. When Tesla introduced its power storage system Powerwall last year a partnership was natural. Tesla recognized approximately $4.9 million in revenue from SolarCity during last year for sales of energy storage products, and anticipate that number to be $44.0 million in 2016. That sums up to Tesla and SolarCity installing more energy storage this year than the entire United States did last year!
Also, IKEA has started selling solar panels in the UK. Solar might just be the energy source of a brighter future!

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Who hacked Facebook, and is your most personal data really safe?
Data security is starting to become a series of its own here on the Feed. Facebook sure risks a disruptive loss of users if they don’t keep user data safe, and a recent hack seriously questions their security standards! Late last week, a hacker named Orange Tsai wrote about how he hacked into Facebook to unveil vulnerabilities (this is a new way for hackers to hack “legitimately” and get paid doing it). Tsai found much more than a bug though. He discovered that another hacker had been in the company’s systems for around eight months, grabbing usernames and passwords of employees — and probably more. Facebook claims, it was not a big issue and no user info was compromised… They better fix all these types of issues fast!

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