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Online advertising has overtaken television and the Google co-founder is said to be working on an enormous dirigible in a Silicon Valley hangar. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Google and Facebook, ad-Giants

Online advertising has overtaken television to become the world’s largest ad medium, according to data and analysis agency Zenith. Twitter is the fastest-growing media owner, and as we all know Google and Facebook have risen to become giants in the advertising world. In fact, so large that they together had one fifth of all global advertising spend last year!

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Sergey’s secret Airship

Last week we wrote about a German firm beating Larry Page with being the first with a publicly shown flying car. Now while Larry, one of the two Google founders, is pursuing his childhood dream of these airborne cars it seems Sergey, the other founder, also has a “flying” dream. But MUCH bigger. He has in secret been working on a huge airship according to four people with knowledge of the project. The idea (similar to Natilus which we reported on about a month ago) is that airships can be more fuel-efficient than planes and could carry loads directly to where they’re needed, rather than to transport centers like airports or shipping stations. The general transport industry (cargo and people) is sure in for some change in the next decade!

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