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The future is electric

With Tesla in the forefront, electricity as energy source and batteries seem to be taking on larger parts of the “powertrains” of our lives in the future. A recent, accidental, discovery might make that future even more feasible. Researchers at UC Irvine built a battery that substituted gold nanowire in electrolyte gel for the lithium and lost barely five percent battery capacity over 200,000 charge cycles. In comparison, a normal battery today doesn’t work for longer than 5000 cycles before their completely worn out!

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MR (Mixed reality) will be the new VR

We wrote about Magic Leap last year, not sure by then where the company was heading. Now Wired have written an exclusive piece on the company and its technology (must read for anyone interested in VR). Basically many companies are betting on that VR is going to be big (Facebook alone has over 400 people working on VR), and Magic Leap looks as if they have the next step for VR, it’s called Mixed reality (MR). Virtual objects are integrated into—and responsive to—the natural world. A virtual ball under your desk, for example, would be blocked from view unless you bent down to look at it.

At the beginning of this year, the company completed what may be the largest C-round of financing in history: $793.5 million! It’s obvious that those investing have seen things we haven’t. Just listen to Peter Jackson (yes, producer/director of Lord of the Rings) talking about it:

“Mixed reality doesn’t take you out of this world; it adds elements to our real world. And it has great flexibility. You can add as little as you want—a single tiny figure on this tabletop talking to us—or you can replace the walls of this room with a skyscape so we’re sitting here watching clouds float by. If you have your Magic Leap glasses on, you can look up at the Empire State Building and watch it being built in the early 1930s, floor by floor, but sped up. Maybe while you are walking around the modern streets of Chicago you see gangsters driving past with tommy guns. It could be a form of education, entertainment, and tourism. In 10 years I expect that mixed-reality technology like Magic Leap will be used as much as, if not more than, smartphones.”

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Security obscurity?

Our thread on security continues, and it seems one of the main problems with IT security is that no one will ever fully understand if an advanced system or network is totally protected. Where are the weak spots that hackers might use to get access? This past February a major fluke was however unveiled at the Central Bank of Bangladesh who simply had forgotten/neglected to invest in rudimentary security, and if it weren’t for a simple misspelling error by the hackers they would have stolen billions of dollars! In fact the bank had used second-hand routers for just $10 each!

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UBER for moving??

Trusk is the french startup for moving things. It’s an Uber-like company that lets you move larger objects, for example furniture. Trusk sets up the delivery and then cooperates with transportation workers that handles the delivery. Trusk makes it possible to get the transportation in the next hour or to book it in advance. Today, Trusk have 45 deliveries per day and 80 percent of their clients are private individuals, but predict that 50 percent of their customers are going to be companies over the next two months. Trusk recently raised €500,000 and now plans to expand internationally!

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