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P2P Platform for Real Estate Brokers

Why work for an agency taking a 30 % cut when you could have all the benefits at 15 %? This is the value proposition of Real, an Uber-like service for real estate agents available in the US. Licensed real estate agents get access to the market, can manage appointments, distribute marketing material and even handle accounting through the app. Unlike many real estate agencies that are local small businesses, the Real app is easily scalable. With automated processes and without the overhead costs such as office space it has a slim cost structure. Is the real estate business ripe for disruption?

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Who says climate change isn’t disruptive for business?

With the coal industry gasping for breath after low natural gas prices (shale), better environmental policies and China’s economic slowdown many companies have had to take drastic measures. Last week the world’s biggest coal company, Peabody Energy, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
This is mostly about restructuring the company, but nonetheless it shows just how far the coal industry has been pushed, just look at the valuation of Peabody. Market capitalization peaked at about $20 billion in 2011, last Wednesday it was at $34 million…!!
Also, a recent study from the University of Sussex suggest we could drop all fossil fuels within 10 years, if we want to. More disruption is sure to come!

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The fight for neutrality and security

At the feed we strongly believe security will be one of the absolute critical topics for governments, companies and individuals the next few years. With cars and airplanes being hacked in mid transit we are all sure at risk!
In the US the (public) fight between the government and companies like Apple and Google has been going on for a few months and also seen here on the feed. Basically government wants “backdoors” or master keys to encryption security because it is often so good it is hard to break, the problem being that opens up a big hole for hackers. A recent senate bill wants to allow for encrypted emails or files to be handed over and decrypted, compliance is the law. How compliance actually happens isn’t specified by the bill. They don’t care how a user’s security was broken (or if it were nonexistent), and the senators are making it clear that from now on, this isn’t their problem.
At the same time another bill that threatens net neutrality has basically been vetoed by Obama, whose office claims that law will never become law under his administration.
The fight for your personal security and data goes on! Be sure to follow it!

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Amazon Echo goes healthcare

The feeds favorite tech gadget, Amazon Echo just got a new skill. The ability to answer questions about your kid’s health. Through a link to Boston Children’s Hospital you can ask it about various symptoms like fever, coughing or headache if your kid’s experiencing any, as well as age- and weight-specific dosing guidelines for various medications.
Now as a specific feature this doesn’t stand out at all, but you can bet Amazon won’t stop at kid’s health. And with more and more features coming along the Echo just gets more and more useful and comes closer to being that “next iPhone” as we wrote here on the feed four weeks ago.

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