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Tesla model 3, make or break?!
Last week the Tesla model 3 was released, and we can now say that it was a HUGE success! People have been queuing just to make pre-orders. On the 3rd of April the number of pre-orders were above 276k cars and are now most likely past 300k (total amount of sales last year was about 50k cars). Assuming that all orders are realized that’s more than $10 BILLION in one week! Elon Musk himself was not expecting this high volume. This says something about the big problem Tesla now faces. Can they deliver? And on time? Elon has basically promised a new factory in Europe to meet demand. Today Tesla can produce about 50k cars per year. Given that preliminary first deliveries are scheduled to late 2017 that would put deliveries in 2023 from just the first week of orders!! So in order to keep customers from waiting 6+ years on their car Tesla are in for a crazy level of ramp up of their production!

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Tesla not first with “real” driverless?
NuTonomy, a driverless car startup, are looking like they will be the first to reach “level four” on a commercial scale in the highly anticipated driverless car race. The comparatively small player, sprung out of MIT, recently raised 3.6m USD and is now looking to give their large name rivals Google, Tesla, Uber and traditional car manufacturers a run for their money. NuTonomy just passed its first driving test in Singapore and is now looking to run a pilot program in 2016 with the aim to launch a taxi service in Singapore. Will we see similar ventures from Uber any time soon??

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Rwanda first with established drone fleet!

In July, a fleet of fixed-wing drones will start dropping precious medical supplies to 21 hospitals and clinics in Rwanda. With a drone network in place, a clinic can send a text message, and a drone could be there in 30 minutes if it’s within 90 miles of the UAVs’ homebase. That’s truly disruptive in a place like Rwanda where roads are not always accessible. With startups and giants like Amazon pushing this field it won’t be long till you get your own first drone delivery!

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