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Gigantic drones may be the key to low-cost air shipping, Elon Musk’s Neuralink will plug AI into your brain, digital skills in Kenya and Supercell’s game Clash Royale reaps $1 billion in its first year. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

 Increasing the performance of the human race

Yes, that is an ambitious goal! Of course Elon Musk is yet again part of the future. “Somewhere between rolling out new Teslas, launching re-usable rockets and digging a tunnel under Los Angeles, Elon Musk managed to start yet another new company.” The company is called Neuralink, exploring technology that can make connections between a human brain and a computer. Musk has previously mentioned that humans will need an external “boost” if we are to keep up with smarter and smarter computers. Very exiting! (And scary??)

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Cut the cost of airfreight in half?

A startup called Natilus is exploring how huge drones can disrupt the cargo and freight industry. Automated drones that can land on water would cut out costs for crew and airport admin. The goal is to cut air freight costs in half but the startup is still tiny and needs a lot of attention and funding to get there. Benefits would however be great, cutting overseas shipping times down to less than a day improving online order delivery greatly as well as making it more practical to ship time-sensitive products like food.

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Digital skills in Kenya

Mozilla have published a very interesting report on mobile use in Kenya. As you might know Kenyans were early adopters of mobile financial services, mainly through mPesa, but htat is a “special case”. Today many still have very low understanding and skills of other (we would say normal) mobile and internet use.  General adoption is poor, due to faulty hardware and lack of skills. “Without basic awareness and troubleshooting skills, people cannot be sure of the source of their problems.” Gambling is one of the main drivers of more advanced use.

One thing that is also clear from the report is that while most of us from developed countries are native to Windows & Microsoft Office Kenyans and other Africans will be all about Android.

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Want $1 billion in revenue? Make a mobile game!

Supercell, a Finish mobile game developer known for ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Clash Royale’ has announced a strong report on revenues and earnings. Broken down it translates into a staggering 1 billion in revenue for the new game ‘Clash Royales’s’ first year! Likely to increase the company’s valuation of about $10 billion. Question is can something like this go on? And what does it say about for instance Snapchat’s valuation at $20-25 billion, who only generated about $400 million in revenue last year?

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