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Solar and batteries are here to stay, Intel grasping for the next semiconductor wave and the revival of a pizza icon. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Solar and batteries are here to stay!

Recently we wrote about big money starting to turn its attention towards solar and batteries. Some believe we are real close to the tipping point. Further proving the viability Google has reported that 4 out of 5 homes in the US have solar potential. Also, a recent report showed that solar installations doubled in the US last year and that the prices fell by 20 percent.

Once again the week’s price, however, goes to Elon Musk who has (on Twitter) pledged to solve South Australia’s energy crisis with a huge installment of batteries within 100 days of signing a contract. And if the installation is late, it will be free!

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Intel grasping for the next semiconductor wave

Two weeks ago we wrote about how Intel has largely missed the market of processing power in AI. Before that they also missed the wave in mobile almost completely. Now they are spending $15.3 billion to buy Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes chips for self-driving cars. Trying to buy their way in to one of the new waves and find a new S-curve might be a way forward, but then there is of course the little task of execution…

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The revival of a pizza icon

Since the end of 2008, when Domino’s was threatened by declining sales and distressed franchisees, its share price has increased 60-fold. Yes that’s right, from about 3 to around 180 today! For the past five years, the company has placed a lot of attention and initiatives on efficiency and easy of use through digital channels. More than half of orders are online, customers can track their pizza being made and delivered etc. As well as turning a bad reputation around. Read the great and inspiring story from Bloomberg.

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