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Build a new home in 24 hours! Lithium-ion creator helped develop a better battery technology at 94 years old and Amazons next step, advertising? Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Build a new home in 24 hours!

3D printing continues to break new grounds. The Russian 3D printing company Apis Cor has managed to print a 37 square meter residential home in only 24 hours using a concrete mixture. They are not only dramatically reducing the time it takes to build a new home, the price has also plummeted. The home, including an entrance hall, bath, living room and kitchen, $10,134 and could be printed directly on location. Total game changer!

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Disrupting at 94 years old!!

At 94 years old, John B. Goodenough who’s credited for the invention of lithium-ion batteries has, together with his team, gone and developed a better alternative! And, not just a bit better, by using glass electrolytes they have made the batteries safer, more durable and able to store more energy. Truly inspiring feat! The team behind the invention is now looking to pair up with battery makers who can test their creation in electric vehicles and energy storage devices.

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Amazons next step, advertising?

Martin Sorrell, the CEO of world’s largest advertising group WPP, has recently named Amazon as one of his biggest worries. Though not published it is believed Amazon will generate $1 billion in ad revenue in the US in 2017. Compared to estimates of $34 billion in revenue for Google and $15 billion for Facebook. Now while partly Facebook and definitely Google are good channels for WPP, Sorrell believes Amazon is at a much better position to work directly with clients and cut out the middle men, i.e. WPP.

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