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No one saw Tesla´s Solar Roof coming. Uber’s plan to take over the skies with flying cars and GM teams up with Uber. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

 Tesla’s solar roofs!!

Tesla is completely changing the game for solar panels with its new solar roof tiles. These new tiles look just like ordinary roof tiles made of clay, wood and stone, but are in fact made of tempered glass and has built in solar cells. Tesla’s idea is to combine the solar roof tiles with one of Tesla’s Powerwall batteries, which can store excess energy. With the new products, Tesla is creating a new kind of ecosystem in consumer tech by combining electric vehicles, big batteries and beautiful solar roof panels, allowing homes to get off the grid completely. Will this be a game changer towards the hydrocarbon free society? Time will tell!

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UBER is aiming at flying cars

On the feed we wrote a few months ago about how Larry Page is funding two startups that are trying to make viable flying cars. Now UBER has said they want in, but not to actually develop and build. UBER says it expects to spend the next few years convincing local lawmakers they should embrace flying cars as a way to cut down congestion. Within a decade UBER are counting on having a network of flying cars (called Elevate) that theoretically will fly around passengers for the price of a private ride on the ground with UberX!

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GM teams up with Uber

GM has previously invested heavily in Ubers main competitor Lyft in order to develop an on-demand network of self-driving cars. Despite this, GM announces that they are launching a car sharing program that links Uber drivers to weekly rentals. This means that Uber drivers are able to lease various range of GM cars for $179 a week with included insurance and no mileage limit. It might be an odd partnership due to GM’s linkage to Lyft, but as consumers (millennials) buy less cars GM and other auto giants will have to hold on hard to every sales point.

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