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Super Mario Runs – too fast?

Nintendo has finally released the first Mario game on smartphones – bringing one of gaming’s best-loved franchise to a wider audience. This marks a big change for the conservative Japanese firm, which has long avoided releasing games on hardware it didn’t control. But when casual games moved away from consoles and onto phones, Nintendo had to follow suit. Analysts predicted the game could rack up 1bn downloads, making it among the bestselling games ever. However, while the game is topping download charts in more than 100 countries, gamers have complained the free part of the game is too short – for some, less than ten minutes. And the $10 price tag to unlock the rest was just too steep. Yet another incumbent having trouble shifting and adapting its business models?

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Elon to advise Trump?

“This is truly an amazing group of people”, said president elect Donald Trump about his new group of advisors from the tech world. To name a few, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, are on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which will meet quarterly. They will draw upon the perspectives of successful US tech businesses to help the president-elect and his team mold future policies. This can surely shape good policy for business but let’s hope Musk and the like can swing some of Trump’s mind when it comes to climate change and renewable energy.

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Preparing kids for a digital society

The Swedish National Agency for Education is now proposing changes to the pre-school curriculum in order to prepare children and students for an increasingly digitalized society. This means that pre-schools should provide children the opportunity to meet and relate to the modern digital technology (which they are and will be surrounded by). With support and guidance from pre-school teachers the children will be stimulated and challenged in their use of digital tools in a way that promotes their development and learning.

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