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Airbnb planning to build their own properties

Since the beginning, Airbnb’s entire idea has been to offer short-term housing without owning any property themselves. Now, however, they have begun to look at building their own properties.

To start with the goal is to “prototype new ways that homes can be built and shared” according to the co-founder Joe Gebbia, but in the long term they hope it will “become as big as Airbnb has grown to be”. Airbnb undoubtedly approaches the classic hotel business. Can they avoid hotel regulations by calling it shared homes?

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Marriott hotels in huge hack!

This last week it was uncovered that half a billion people are affected in a huge hack at Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Sheraton, St Regis etc).

“Hackers may have had access to many kinds of Starwood hotel guests’ personal information, including passport numbers, phone numbers, date of birth, email and physical addresses, and credit card numbers.”

Threats and breaches are so common and large today that companies should rather assume they have been hacked and prepare for when they realize, also full-on encryption should basically be hygiene now!

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Fluoride batteries might be the answer!

Honda, Caltech and NASA scientists have discovered a way to make Fluoride based batteries viable for everyday use. It is a real breakthrough because;

“the batteries have the potential for ten times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, and would have a more favorable environmental footprint, according to Honda.”

Let’s hope this makes it from the lab to our cars!!

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