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Plug-in hybrids falling behind full-electric cars

Many probably believed that the automotive transformation from fuel-driven to electric would take a long time and that plug-in hybrids would be the natural transition solution. Not least the automotive industry that has invested heavily in it.

Now however, sales numbers indicate that the market for plug-in hybrids might disappear before it even matured. On the U.S. market, an electric car is chosen three times by four before a plug-in hybrid and it is a rising trend. Who would have thought that the transition to all electric would go this fast?

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Volvo Trucks towards a service-based business model

Transportation as a service is on the rise but has so far mostly been about new solutions for car rental and taxi services. Volvo now launches its own service offering and they do it with autonomous trucks. Volvos autonomous trucks will carry stone from a mine in Norway to a port 3 miles away and they will charge for each ton delivered. It’s a whole new way for Volvo to make money on their trucks and it’s presumably something we’ll see more of.

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