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Drone food delivery taking off!?

Drones have now been around for quite some time and in fact it is more than five years ago Amazon started talking about drone delivery. Due mostly to regulators drone delivery has simply not been allowed, yet. Now however things are finally about to “take off”!

In Iceland a company that started with a 4-minute fixed route has now been allowed to operate “12 other routes across Reykjavik, including journeys over land. And operations have just been extended again, permitting drones to deviate by up to 700 meters either side of those fixed routes. This means deliveries can now be made to the backyards of registered customers”. Additionally, Wilhelmsen, a marine-services company are running tests in Singapore and they estimate drones could reduce delivery costs with 90%!

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Volvo demonstrates the next way of selling cars through mobile

The movement towards leasing a car instead of owning it has been present for a while now. Volvo takes the leasing offering one step further with its subscription-program Care by Volvo, where you pay a fixed monthly rate for the car and Volvo takes care of the rest.

However, the subscription service itself is not the most interesting, but the way customers signs up for it. According to Volvo, 50 percent of Care by Volvo customers signed up for a car via mobile and 95 percent of Care by Volvo subscribers are new to Volvo. We can conclude that customers appreciate the simplicity of buying their car through the phone and the need of the traditional car salesman may soon be history.

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Boring Company’s first tunnel almost done

On Monday, Elon tweeted about the first tunnel from the Boring Company; “Opening event that night & free rides for the public next day”. Now while this is just a test tunnel, if successful interests will definitely rise.

“The Boring Company is already working on a tunnel between DC and New York, and is aiming to begin digging one between Los Angeles and San Francisco next year. The latter has been pitched as a true hyperloop with pressurized pods, rather than just a high-speed tunnel.”

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First AI painting sold

Earlier we wrote about the first AI-painting going up for sale. The painting has now been auctioned of at Christie’s in New York for $432,500. Apparently ”works from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein hung near the AI-generated portrait this week, and sold for $75,000 and $87,500, respectively”.

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