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Disruption feed 2021 #5 – Streaming dominates traditional film, China aims for carbon neutrality by 2060 and Starlink already has 10,000 users

Disruption news

Streaming dominates traditional film studios in this year’s Golden Globe

Just like last year, the Golden Globe awards clearly show the shift that is taking place and has taken place in the entertainment industry. The streaming giants dominates the nominations with their own produced content. For example, Netflix received 22 nominations within the movie categories, which was by far the most, follow by Amazon Studios with 7 nominations. This can be compared to the Disney who received 5 nominations. It is worth noting here, however, that Disney also entered the streaming world during the year. Also within TV-shows Netflix dominated with 20 nominations, followed by HBO with 7 nominations.

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China finally hunting emissions

Last year China announced they are targeting carbon neutrality by 2060. That in itself is a sentence that gives real hope when it comes to meeting the 1,5-2 degree goals of the Paris agreement. Now, they are showing some real actions as they will be trying a new strategy when it comes to dealing with major polluters in the country. “China is launching a data platform on March 1st that will let the public and officials study real-time and recorded emissions levels to determine if factories and institutions are violating pollution regulations. Under the new system, companies will have to install monitoring equipment and maintain at least five years of data.” Very interesting approach!

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SpaceX-s Starlink already has 10,000 users

Last year SpaceX started official testing of its satellite internet service, Starlink. Recently, as the company is looking to be accepted as a real telecommunications provider, it was discovered that they already have a thousand satellites orbiting the earth and over 10,000 users. Exciting how something that was almost inconceivable 5 years ago is now a reality!

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