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Disruption feed 2021 #24 – Ferrari’s new CEO is a Tech guy & Netflix goes e-commerce

Disruption news

Netflix goes e-commerce

Netflix has presented a new business model and it’s far from the streaming business but a rather logical next step with clear synergies. Netflix has launched a shop where Netflix merch from their self-produced series and movies will be sold. Customers will be able to by clothes, gadgets and even furniture shown in the productions. An interesting next step for Netflix and a new revenue stream, we’ll see if it succeeds.

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Ferrari’s new CEO is a Tech guy

Ferrari has announced a new CEO and he is not your typical supercar manufacturer leader, rather he, Benedetto Vigna, is very much a tech guy. He comes to Ferrari from the position as president of micro-electromechanical systems at STMicroelectronics.

Very interesting move from the owners, and of course a move towards leading the company in to a future where cars are electric, self-driving enabled and always connected.

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