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Disruption feed 2021 #21 – Shell ordered to reduce carbon emissions, Joe Bidens personal account on Venmo & Netflix getting into gaming?

Disruption news

Shell ordered by court to reduce carbon emissions

Last week, the Dutch oil company Shell was order by the Hague Distric Court to decrease its carbon emissions in the Netherlands with 45% until 2030. The court reasoned that Shells current climate plans were too vague, and therefore, the court decision was necessary. Shells initial plan was to reduce carbon emissions by 20% until 2030, and 45% by 2035. Will we see more similar court orders in the future?

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Joe Bidens personal account public on Venmo

Buzzfeed News were able to find Joe Bidens personal account on Venmo, a digital wallet in the US, in less than 10 minutes. The next click allows a person to see the presidents personal friends list, basically a network of his private social connections. That’s a national security issue!

Up until this unveiling a privacy setting to hide your friend list wasn’t even available, the setting should however be rolling out now. Security first anyone?!

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Netflix getting into Gaming?

Apparently Netflix has been looking for an executive to run an expansion into video games. Very likely this will be a streamed games service similar to Apple Arcade or perhaps even Google’s Stadia. Can Netflix add something new to the mix and get this type of business past the tipping point?

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