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CRISPR used on babies?!

CRISPR, the fairly new powerful technology in gene editing, has been used on babies. OR at least a Chinese scientist is claiming so. “The researcher, He Jiankui, offered no evidence or data to back up his assertions. If true, some fear the feat could open the door to designer babies.” Very scary stuff!

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California to require solar panels on new homes

In order to reach the climate targets, renewable energy is necessary. Now California is taking a big step in this shift by requiring new homes (approximately 80 000 per year) to have solar energy. Considering the climate in California, the next question is how to efficiently store all the solar energy that is created so that as much as possible can be utilized even after sundown. And surely, maintenance and installation companies in the state will get a lift.

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Alphabet’s cyber security company

Fairly often we write about cyber security on the feed, mainly because, nowadays, big hacks happen fairly often. Engadget has written a long piece on Alphabet’s, still, very mysterious cyber-security moonshot called Chronicle. In short:

Officially announced earlier this year, Chronicle are building a search-focused cybersecurity platform. Today most companies use several (often more than 10) different security products to protect their systems, and in the middle there is a security team (or individual) trying to makes sense of it all. Unfortunately, all that effort doesn’t really solve the problem and most of the time taking care of hacks means trying to lessen effects when the hack has already happened.

Chronicle basically wants to apply the data processing, search and AI capabilities of Alphabet/Google to this problem and help their customers make sense of all their security information. “We will give you unprecedented capabilities to understand that information…” said CEO Stephen Gillet.

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