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The next catastrophe

The Economist recently had an issue called ‘the next catastrophe’ focusing on how Covid-19 has brought to light the fact that the world is not prepared for unlikely dangerous events. In one of the leaders two events are mentioned which would significantly affect us that we simply are not very well prepared for:

“If a coronal mass ejection (CME, significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the sun) were to hit, all sorts of satellite systems needed for navigation, communications and warnings of missile attacks would be at risk. Large parts of the planet could face months or even years without reliable grid electricity. The fact that no governments have ever seen a really big CME, or a volcanic eruption large enough to affect harvests around the world—the most recent was Tambora, in 1815—may explain their lack of forethought. It does not excuse it.”

An interesting addition is that there is actually a satellite between us, and the sun put in place to warn us of a CME but most grid operators have no routines in place if a warning is sent out.

Phones in trees = more work

A bad US economy has led to a smart and interesting development around Amazons delivery stations and Whole Foods stores. Drivers have put up smartphones in the trees to simulate being close to the pick-up spot. The phones are also fitted with a software that monitors the dispatch network to ensure they get an advantage over other drivers.

Zoom growth exceeds high expectations

The video communication platform Zoom is definitely among the winners in the current pandemic. Even though expectations from analysts were high already, Zoom managed to surpass the forecasts. Compared to Q2 last year, Zoom reported a 355% revenue growth and they are doing in profitably with an operating margin on 28,3%. The question is how demand will change when the effects of the pandemic eventually decrease.

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