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Incumbent vs disruptor analysis of UK Banks

A UK startup founder did his own analysis of how long it takes to create an account with 12 different UK Banks. At his blog he has outlined different things he looked at when comparing the different banks, what is perhaps most interesting is the number of clicks required. The challenger bank Revolut only requires 24 clicks, while the worst example was First Direct at 120 clicks.

Really an interesting read if you are into Customer Journeys!

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Smartphone sales went down more than 20% in Q1

As a result of disrupted supply chains and decreasing customer purchasing power due to the corona pandemic, global smartphone sales decreased with 20% in Q1 compared to last year. Among the big players, Apple has managed to get through the best with a decline of only 8%. The market is expected to recover slightly with a forecasted year-to-year decline of 11.9%, according to IDC.

TikTok is catching up on YouTube among kids

TikTok is the latest social media phenomenon and has shown a tremendous growth the last years. A study made by Qustodio covering the online habits of children aged 4-14 years in US, UK and Spain shows that the regular US kid spend 95 minutes on TikTok each day, almost as much time as the 97 minutes that are spent on current market leader YouTube. It is about keeping up with the kids to know where to reach the customers of the future.

Amazon now the fourth largest US delivery service

“Since 2014, Amazon has spent $39 billion to build out a massive delivery network, according to Bank of America Global Research.”

For reference that’s almost half of its yearly revenue back in 2014! Today this has made Amazon the fourth largest US delivery service, and that’s when looking at ALL package deliveries not just online. Read to whole article for some more staggering numbers.

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