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Internet balloons in Kenya thanks to Corona

About 3 years ago we wrote about Projcet Loon, Google’s internet balloons that will help in connecting the “last billion” of people who still do not have internet access. In rural areas the case is pretty good but there has been recent strong competition from internet satellites like those of Space-X Starlink.

However, with the current corona crisis Alphabet (Google parent) has seen regulatory approval of its tech be fast-tracked in Kenya and are now working “begin providing service to remote areas of Kenya in the “near future.” Lets hope the tech works and can help in managing this crisis!

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Network capacity issues when millions of people start to work from home

As the corona virus continues to spread, millions of people have started to work from home. This has resulted in large increases in internet usage. Since the lock down in Italy, internet traffic has increased with 75% and Mark Zuckerberg said that WhatsApp and Messenger usage is well beyond the usual usage spike at new year’s eve.

EU has called on streaming services to decrease the video quality enabled on their services in order to reduce the strain on the network. Netflix has now announced that they will reduce the data consumption with 25% for the next 30 days.

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