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Corona ≠ Conferences

As Corona has spread throughout the world, so has the closure of conferences and big events. For companies sin the event business this is obviously devastating and in some cases whole cities are affected. Barcelona loses out on hundreds of millions of dollars as the Mobile World Congress was cancelled. Here in Sweden we are also starting to see the biggest conferences being cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately this will have devastating consequences for many of these event companies and the small businesses that rely on them.

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Covid-19 gives gig workers the choice of self-isolate or getting paid

Covid 19 is disrupting the whole world at the moment, the virus continues to spread and in correlation to that stock markets experience bigger and bigger declines. In order to contain the spread, we are advised to stay home and avoid contact with others, which is easier said than done with a fast-growing gig economy. Gig workers may soon have to make a choice between self-isolate or getting paid. The bad benefits of gig-workers which until now has given us cheap services now run the risk of affecting the whole society severely.

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Amazon’s Just-Walk-Out tech as a service

Last week we wrote about Amazon opening their first Amazon-Go grocery store with an automated and cashierless experience. Now Amazon have started to sell their know-how and technology for, as they call it, a Just-Walk-Out experience. Very interesting move as, seemingly, they are the only ones with this tech fully operating right now. As Amazon pushes to expand its reach in offline retail, is there really more to gain from spreading this technology to others?

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