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Amazon expanding Go

Amazon’s Go-model (automated and cashier-less convenience stores) has mostly seemed like an experiment to test offline retail without personell. However, now they are expanding the concept by opening the first Amazon-branded grocery store. Utilizing the logistics and product value chain of Whole Foods (which Amazon acquired in 2017) and combining it with the technology of Go might be exactly what is needed for Amazon to take off in the offline world.

“People spend $800 billion a year on groceries in the United States, of which only about 2 percent happens online.”

Interesting to see how this develops!

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Space tourism may be reality next year

The Houston based private space company Axiom Space is, together with Space X, planning on making the first fully private space flight to the international space station. The first flight is planned to carry three paying tourists. Axiom previously revealed that a seat would cost $55 million and NASA will charge $35 000 a night for staying at the ISS. According to Axiom, one person has already signed up for the trip.

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