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AI discovers new antibiotics

Last week we wrote about how the UK government believes AI will be a great asset for Healthcare in general and are pursuing a proactive stance on regulation. This week we can read about how a team of MIT researchers have, by using AI, discovered an antibiotic that can kill highly resistant bacteria. This is incredibly good news since the use of antibiotics has skyrocketed and bacteria developing resistance is a high risk.

“The researchers trained their AI on 2,500 molecules that included both 1,700 established drugs and 800 natural products. When tasked with looking at a library of 6,000 compounds, the AI found that halicin would be highly effective.”

Now while this is very impressive it will take a few years to get to human trials. But by that stage, if this is successful, it could be a very effective way to develop new antibiotics.

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Five years of music industry growth driven by paid streaming subscriptions

The US recorded music industry grew by 13% during 2019 and streaming continues to take a bigger share of the industry. According to RIIA (Recording Industry Association of America), streaming now accounts for 80% of total recorded music revenue in the US. Behind the growth is the increase of paid music subscriptions which accounted for 93% of streaming growth and now represents 61% of total revenues.

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