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London police is now using facial recognition tech

In the busiest streets in London there are now circulating facial recognition vans. The purpose is to scan the faces of people passing by and to match it with their list of suspected people. When they have a match, the police intervene. This has obviously met criticism due to privacy concerns, but especially since facial recognition tech in several studies has shown to be inaccurate, especially within minorities where misidentifications are up to 100 times more frequent.

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UK also pursuing AI

The UK government has taken a very proactive stance on AI in healthcare. Late January they had a first meeting to discuss how to enable innovation-friendly processes and regulations to advance the use of AI. In a statement CEO of NHS put it like this:

”Smart regulation could really help make the UK the best place in the world to develop AI in health. The benefits will be huge if we can find the sweet spot, where we maintain the trust that AI is being used properly and safely, while creating a space in which compliant innovation can flourish.”

Really interesting approach when so often regulators are far behind the tech curve!

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