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Alphabet shows continued growth and YouTube is a big part of it

Alphabet reported its numbers for 2019 this week and it shows remarkable growth for being one of the world’s largest companies, growing the total revenue by 18% to $162 billion. One of the biggest success factors is YouTube which in 2019 grew with 36% and generated over $15 billion in ad revenue, almost as much as the four major US commercial tv-channels gain together. Buying YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006 was a good move.

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Rain-energy – Rainergy?

Researchers have developed a viable way to extract energy from rain. In fact a single drop of rain can, for a moment, power up to 100 small LED-lights. So basically, continuous rain could easily power a whole Christmas decoration.

“It could even be used to power connected devices that regularly get wet, like umbrellas and water bottles.”

The technology uses a material that has a, so called, quasi-electric charge, which allows it to collect the impact energy of the rain. Very cool stuff!

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