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First AI discovered drugs

“There are lots and lots of possible molecules that might be useful in medications, far too many for all the medical researchers in the world to manually test.”

Here AI can be a very strong resources in investigating more molecules. A British startup now say they have developed the first drug created using AI, and it is now ready to be tested on humans. What is also interesting is that it less than a year from a year from conception being ready for clinical trials. This usually takes about 4-5 years!

And a very good question from the author of this article “Who should make the rules for the use of AI in drug research?”

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GM invests $3 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles

Recently we wrote about Tesla passing the combined market value of GM and Ford. Clearly, investors see a future with electric vehicles. Now GM does what they can to get on the EV train as they invest a total of $3 billion in a new assembly plant for electric vehicles. The first fully electric car to be offered will be a pickup truck in response to the recently launched Tesla pickup.

GM has earlier announced a joint venture with LG that will provide battery cells to the new plant.

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