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China and EVs

Great article from The Economist on how car production is changing with EVs (electric vehicles).

“Today they (EVs) account for only 7% of the market. But China being China, that still works out as 1.5m vehicles a year, making it the largest EV market in the world.”

The government is investing heavily in domestic EV-production and demand that all cars sold in China are mad with Chinese parts. Additionally they are aiming that 25% of all new cars are electric by 2025.

“Because the government demands that all cars sold in China are made with Chinese components, the country will come to host the world’s most important supply chains for electric cars. This opens up the possibility that Chinese supply chains will eventually be used to provide components for the rest of world, as with smartphones.”

Meanwhile, Volkswagen expects to produce 1m electric cars a year in the country by 2022. So while China has never been able to become a big global player in today’s car-industry, that sure is looking to change.

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Value of Tesla exceeds that of GM and Ford combined

2020 is expected to be a year in which electric vehicles strengthens its position in the industry. Look at what the car manufacturers promote and its almost exclusively fully electric or hybrid models. One thing that may clarify the industry disruption more than anything else is share prices of the manufacturers. The market value of Tesla just passed the value of GM and Ford combined, despite the fact that tesla has not reported an annual profit at any time.

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HBO is the streaming winner of Golden Globes

A few weeks ago we wrote about Netflix taking over Hollywood when they received a record breaking 34 Golden Globe nominations. However, it resulted in only 2 awards while their biggest competitor HBO was awarded with 4, all within the TV segment. In the film segment the classic studios still rule. Better luck with the Oscars Netflix.

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