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400,000 German jobs at risk

“In 2018, employment in the car industry in Germany reached 834,000, its highest since 1991.” That trend is soon about to change, due to shift to electric vehicles. Handelsblatt (German newspaper) reported this week that 410,000 jobs are at risk in Germany by 2030, according to a government report.

“Electric cars’ engines are made of fewer parts and require less maintenance than combustion engines, which will result in layoffs, the report was quoted as saying.”

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Seattle will let residents vote with their smartphones

In order to increase voting participation, Seattle now test to allow their residents to vote via smartphone. The way they want to do it, on the other hand, faces criticism because of the high risk of voting frauds. In order to vote you have to enter your name and birth date together with a signature made directly on your smartphone. It would definitely increase voter turnout, but they might need to work on the identification solution.

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