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Editing babies

About a year ago media was reporting heavily on a rumored successful experiment in China where a biophysicist had used CRISPR to edit DNA on human embryos. Until recently much has been unclear about what actually happened. Now, more information has been mad publicly available and though genome actually was modified it is unclear if the end goal was actually met.

The goal of He Jiankui, the biophysicist, was to make the twins resistant to HIV. Now while in theory this should be possible the team made shortcuts and also used other methods to avoid virus from the father who is HIV-positive. Some of the available data also suggest that not all cells where necessarily edited in the process. Meaning the babies are even less likely to become resistant.

For me, this is not the big news though. Humans can actually edit babies now!! This calls for immediate international regulations and control!

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Streaming takes over Hollywood

This year’s nominations for the golden globe clearly show how the entertainment industry has been disrupted. Netflix, which is at the forefront, received 30 nominations and is by far the most successful player. Netflix has invested heavily in its own content and had a content budget of $15 billion this year. They have really made an impression.

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Mobile devices accounted for 55% of all orders during cyber week

Online retail is continuing to grow and mobile has become the go to device. During black Friday and cyber Monday 73% of online traffic and 55% of online orders was performed on mobile devices, according to Salesforce. Even more interesting is that 9% of online orders derived from AI-powered product recommendations.

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New Orleans under attack

“New Orleans is the latest city to fall victim to a cyberattack, although it appears to have fared better than some of its peers.”

The past week the city has been forced to shut down many of its computers and networks after several phishing emails and ransomware was detected.

“The city credited its apparently successful response to preparedness. City CIO Kim LaGrue noted that the resilience to phishing likely came as a result of security training that started in the fall.”

Be prepared! Training helps!

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