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Uber loses license in London, again

Uber continues to be attacked by regulators. Once again, London regulators has chosen not to extend Ubers license to deliver taxi services in the city. This is because Uber has allowed unlicensed drivers due to a technical flaw in its driver registration system. Uber may however get its license back if the problem is fixed, since it has become such an important part of London’s transportation infrastructure.

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For Ocado, one business model is leading to the next

“Japan’s biggest supermarket group, Aeon Co Ltd has hired British online grocery pioneer Ocado to develop its e-commerce business, hoping to fend off rivals such as Amazon as more customers buy groceries online.”

What’s interesting here is that Ocado began as a grocery delivery company and has focused a lot on its robotic warehousing platform. It has gotten so good at it that now other retailers want in on the action.

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OECD proposes global minimum corporate tax rate

In business development we typically say that technology is faster than legislation. Now it seems OECD has caught up to some of the tech-firms out there. They are now asking for input on a proposal for a global minimum corporate tax rate that would require companies to pay at least the minimum rate, even f they are operating in low-tax jurisdictions.

As Benedict Evans put it – if you have thousands of ad sale people in London or Paris but report no revenue there, you’ll attract attention…

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