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Fresh air business model?

When some new business models emerge, you wish they were not needed. This is one of them. In New Delhi, “Oxygen Bars”, where the customer can pay to breath fresh air for a few minutes, have begun to emerge due to the ever-rising air pollution in the city. One can hope that this business model will quickly become redundant.

“I don’t know if it’s psychological, but it makes me feel good to know I am inhaling pure oxygen, if only for 15 minutes,” says a New Delhi citizen.

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2020 the year of the fold?

After Samsung’s failed attempt at a foldable phone this spring, Motorola has now caught up and unveiled the Razr 2019. The phone is “resurrecting” the design of the classic Razr, only the inside is all a big touch screen. A foldable screen (it’s cool, check the video).

Oh, and the Motorola priced at $1500 is still $500 cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold (which re-released earlier this fall). This week Huawei’s version has also finally gone on sale so maybe 2020 will be the year of the foldable screen for real. But will it change the market? Will consumers shift completely? Probably not, at least not as fast as in 2007…

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