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Renewable energy is expected to grow fast, but not fast enough

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the fact that renewable energy has become the most profitable way to generate energy. Now, that becomes evident when we look at the 5-year forecast on renewable energy made by the International Energy Agency. Renewable energy capacity is expected to grow by 50% globally until 2024, equivalent to the total installed power capacity of the United States today. Though, the Agency emphasizes that the expansion still needs to accelerate if we are to achieve long-term climate goals.

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The Pentagon AI guidelines

The Pentagon has recently published a draft of guidelines for Artificial Intelligence. The guidelines include things like avoiding “unintended bias” and AI that can stop itself if it “thinks” it is going to cause unnecessary harm (yes these guidelines are written primarily for the military).

This sounds very good and is hopefully something that can form future development and set standards across all AI software, not just in the military. As the article notes however, the guidelines should have been there from day one… Especially since several military projects are already in full force development…

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Apple-Pay growing rapidly

The payments business has for a few years now been staring at big change and potentially disruption for incumbents. Though Facebook Libra has seen a recent backlash it was at least initially backed by both Visa and Mastercard, that says quite a lot about the current pace of change.

Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, last week revealed that “Apple-Pay ad a bigger transaction volume than PayPal and is growing 4 times as fast, because the mobile app’s transactions and revenue more than doubled year-over-year.”

For now incumbents are probably safe in the boat but with that kind of growth and regulatory changes (at least in Europe) that could change fast.

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