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Google has managed to build a functioning quantum computer

This week, Google announced in the scientific journal Nature that they have managed to build a quantum computer, and it was fast. The computer succeeded to solve a problem in 200 seconds that would have taken the fastest existing supercomputer 10 000 years to solve. It shows that the technique is possible, however there is a long way to go until a quantum computer can do something useful. As of today, Google’s computer can only solve that single problem that it was designed to solve.

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Security, at least try to be safe!

2 years back Equifax, a large credit reporting agency, was attacked in a famous hack where personal information on millions of Americans leaked. Right now the class-action suit is running and some interesting details have been uncovered. Apparently they “protected” one of their portals (a portal to a huge pile of sensitive information) with the username admin and the password admin…

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