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Facial recognition soon in a store near you (Stockholm)

In a scene of Minority Report Tom Cruise sees very personalized ads thrown at him. Now, while we aren’t quite there in fact facial recognition in-store is already here. In a move to tackle competition from e-commerce many stores are interested in the technology.

In Sweden a company called Nordic Tech House will anonymously analyze age, sex, mood and how often people return to a store. A pilot project is aiming at starting tests in Stockholm this fall!

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Libra backers are getting cold feet

A few months ago Facebook announced their cryptocurrency Libra together with an impressive list of backers containing players like MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. The backers agreed to invest at least $10 million each in the new currency, however the agreement was non-binding.

Now the Libra-project is questioned by both EU and the US on financial and privacy risks and the backers are getting cold feet. PayPal recently announced that they are backing out of the project and rumors says that both Visa and MasterCard are reconsidering their support.

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Business and revenue models of Open Source

A16z ha a great blog post on the commercialization of open source technology. The posts first graph clearly shows how in the past 30 years both investment size and the number of VC deals has been increasing steadily. Frequent business readers may also have noticed that this past year even Microsoft has been starting to invest heavily in open source projects (Chromium for one).

“In 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux a cancer.”

The post mentions three main business models that allows commercialization of open source,” pay for support”, Open Core and Software as a Service. The author (Peter Levine) then goes on to give tips of how to commercialize an open source including some great business development tools like Product-Market fit analysis and Go-to-Market strategy. Great read!

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