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“Amazon only” custom-designed brands

Amazon is so big and important of a market that some products and now brands are design specifically for Amazon. A New York based agency called Innovation Department has built a suite of brands that are only sold on Amazon.

“By leveraging millions of email addresses, the company has been able to funnel traffic to its products on Amazon, which has shuttled them to the top spots of product search.”

Also, “1 out of 10 products pages you visit on Amazon comes from sponsored content.”

Amazon search engine is the new place for SEO!

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Corporate investments in renewable energy are skyrocketing

As mentioned in last weeks feed, renewable energy is now the most profitable energy source and IKEA targets to produce more renewable energy than it consumes by 2020. This week, both Honda and Google have followed IKEA’s example.

Honda announced that they plan to cover 60% of its electric use in their North American plants and Google has committed to invest $2 billion in renewable energy in America and Europe.

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