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4 million march with Greta Thunberg and Microsoft employees writes open letter

This last Friday Greta Thunberg managed to rally 4 million people in a global climate strike, and students weren’t going easy on politicians:

“If you did your job we’d be in class right now.”

Additionally, employees at Microsoft are in an open letter protesting the company’s contracts with oil companies.

“The group wants the tech giant to end its contracts with fossil fuel companies, cut contributions to any lobbyists or politicians who deny climate and to commit to zero emissions by 2030, the year climate change is predicted to cause irreparable damage to the planet.”

Let’s hope this is really just the beginning of a real revolution!

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Renewable energy on the rise thanks to capitalism?

Renewable energy is taking over, and it is not thanks to political subventions or due to ethical reasons. It has simply become the most profitable way to generate energy. This week’s news that IKEA has invested in enough clean energy to power ALL of its operations isn’t as baffling then.

However, there is a long way to go and we need more companies like IKEA, it will take until 2050 before wind and solar power accounts for 50% of the world’s power generation according to Bloomberg forecasts. And power generation only account for 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

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Drones attacked Saudi oil production

Saudi Arabia’s oil production was halted to half by cheap drones that set the world’s biggest production facility on fire. US officials are blaming Iran, but it’s really interesting to see how vulnerable these systems are. How long will the oil price be affected? In whose interest? And so on.

On the other hand, with regards to climate change, this is sort of a good thing…

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