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UBER wants to squeeze more out of their drivers?

It appears UBER is looking on to expanding their pallet of business logic a bit further. Recently the company has been surveying some of its drivers, asking things like:

“If Uber provided loans, what amount are you most likely to request?”

Apparently, UBER has similarly offered cash advance programs in the US but was shut down. Very interesting to see this kind of development in credit services. ‘We have a lot of data in our network, lets use it to sell credit’!

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The media giant Fox goes betting 

The fact that betting goes along well with sport broadcasting is evident when looking at the number of commercials from different betting companies during a game. Now, Fox wants to expand on that synergy as they launch their own gambling platform. And yes, the entry offerings are as generous as we have been used to from existing players.

However, one could question the ethics in Fox decision to bring sports broadcasting even closer to gambling than it already is.

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