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Solid-state batteries and Toyota!

Despite being a leader in hybrid power Toyota has been slow to adopted fully battery powered vehicles. They have had their eye on hydrogen fuel cells but have now shifted their plans and will focus on, so called, solid-state batteries in their vehicles. Simply no liquids in the battery cells (contrary to Lithium based batteries), and on paper increased range. Toyota’s goal to sell 5.5 million electrified vehicles has also been moved up by five years, from 2030 to 2025.

Though other companies are also aiming at solid-state the technology is sure to get a faster advancement with someone like Toyota behind it.

“If possible, by the time we have the Olympic games next year, we would like to make sure that a solid-state battery can be unveiled to the public.”

How will this affect those focusing on Lithium (Like Tesla)? Very interesting stuff!!

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Increased demand for personalized digital offerings

Mary Meeker has presented her annual report on internet trends and it showed several interesting factors that will shape business models to come. The freemium business model will continue to be an important part of connecting with customers.

Personalization is also essential, and customers are willing to share data to achieve it, 80% of customers are willing to passively share data to increase personalization. At the same time, the report showed that 50% are worried about their digital privacy. We can conclude that data security will be an important topic in time to come.

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