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Commercial flying taxis closer to reality

This past week Lilium presented their latest prototype for commercial air taxis. The prototype looks like a small airplane, fitted with 36 small electric jet engines that allows the plane to take of vertically and then to travel horizontally at speeds up to 300 km/h, when loaded with 5 passengers and luggage.

Lilium has earlier stated that a flight from JFK airport to Manhattan would take 10 minutes and cost each passenger about $70. At first, a pilot will run the aircraft but that is most likely not the final solution…

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The overlap between Google and Amazon keeps increasing

The tech giants are already competing in several areas. Amazons Twitch is in direct competition with Googles YouTube and Googles smart speaker “Google Home” competes with Amazon “Echo”. Not to mention the growing ad-revenue of Amazon.

Now however, Google wants to compete on Amazon’s real home turf, e-commerce, where they will allow consumers to search for and purchase products directly from the search engine. The reason is that google loses product searches to Amazon, 54% of product searches are performed directly on Amazon’s website instead of via Google.

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