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Gene-modified viruses – in healthcare?

Healthcare is a fairly common topic on this feed, and we often write about new technologies or how healthcare must move from a reactive model to a proactive one. Most technologies are however decades from being used so it is interesting to see actual application in this week’s feed.

One of the major threats to efficiency in modern healthcare is the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

“Doctors normally resort to bacteriophages (bacteria-killing viruses) to kill antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” only when they’ve run out of options.”

However today it is possible to genetically modify viruses to do basically whatever we need them to do. Recently a teenage girl suffering from a resistant infection was treated with this method. Though not completely cured it is likely this treatment saved her life, and she has been able to return to a mostly normal life. Fantastic development!

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Car rental giant Enterprise launches car subscription

Car subscription is on the rise and has previously both Volvo and Mercedes Benz have launched their subscription services. Enterprise will however be the first car rental player who takes the step into subscription.

The subscription gives you access to the Enterprise’s entire car fleet and you’re allowed to change car four times each month. The price will be $1 499/month though, will the customer see a value that is worth the price?

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