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Apple Car still in the works?

Apple has filed a new patent for use in autonomous cars. The name of the patent is “Apparatus and method to measure slip and velocity” and the technology helps a car assess the road conditions and stay stable. Its been long since the rumors started but it sure looks as Apple is still working on some sort of mobility platform and let’s hope, their own car!

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Uber offers public transportation in-app purchases

Ubers long term mission is to become the mobility as a service provider. To do this they want to offer a variety of transportation alternatives meeting different transportation needs, all in the same platform. Not at least public transportation.

Uber has recently started to offer real time public transportation schedules in several cities, London as recent as this week. Denver however, becomes the first city were Uber offers in-app purchases for public transportations. We will probably see more of this, not only from Uber.

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Hertz is suing Accenture over IT development failure

In August 2016 Hertz started a project with Accenture as IT-consultants, tasked with revamping the website and online presence. However, after several delays and nothing going live, Hertz lost their belief in Accenture mid 2018 and cut them off. Now they are suing the consultancy for the $32 million that was paid in fees.

“Accenture’s developers wrote the code for the customer-facing ecommerce website in a way that created serious security vulnerabilities and performance problems,” it says before noting that “the defects in the front-end development code were so pervasive that all of Accenture’s work on that component had to be scrapped.”

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