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Tesla is planning to launch a robotaxis in 2020

The holy grail of auto autonomy is never having to own a car, or at the other end – being able to make money of your car when you’re not using it. Basically Airbnb for your car. Tesla is aiming to have that sort of technology ready next year!

“I feel very confident predicting that there will be autonomous robotaxis from Tesla next year — not in all jurisdictions because we won’t have regulatory approval everywhere” Elon Musk said during the company’s autonomy day.

Tesla also has plans for their own fleets own robotaxis but if you decide to use yours this way they will charge 25-30% of revenues.

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Wing continues to lead the race towards drone deliveries

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Alphabet owned Wing getting the permission to start their commercial drone delivery service in Australia. This week, they also became the first player allowed to deliver the service in the US, starting in Virginia later this year where the service will be tested. The transformation towards faster and more sustainable home deliveries is really moving fast now!

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