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3D-printed heart with human cells = succeeded

At Tel Aviv university, researchers have now managed to 3d-print a heart with functioning blood vessels, ventricles and chambers. As printing material, they used cells and tissue from a patient. The next step is to get the different parts of the heart to act as a natural heart. The scientists behind the breakthrough hypothesize that within 10 years, organ printers could be offered at hospitals. But until then, sign up as organ donors!

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The never ending story – security thread continues

A few weeks back we wrote about Huawei suing the US government back after (among other things) their CFO was arrested, and we hoped more clarity would come as to what is behind both sides’ allegations.  Now a source has told The Times that CIA believes Huawei is receiving funding from Chinese state security. If true it sure doesn’t look good but we would still need more for the US requests to stop using Huawei technology to be valid..

Also notable from the past week is that The Weather Channel got hacked and hit by some sort of a ransomware. The hack prevented the channel from hosting live and apparently the FBI have been looking in to it.

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