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Alphabet beats Amazon in drone deliveries

That drone deliveries would become a reality has only been a matter of time and we have seen a few applications, often driven by smaller entrepreneurs. Alphabet and Amazon have been two major drivers for larger commercialization now Alphabet has won the race for first commercialization. Apparently, Alphabet have been testing for over 4 years and the service will first be limited to selected suburbs outside Canberra, Australia.

The biggest obstacle to being able to launch the service has been to get a regulatory approval. Both alphabet and Amazon therefore work on airspace traffic management platforms, which will be necessary to be able to scale up this kind of deliveries.

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Brain stimulation can boost memory for elderly

A recent study at Boston University, in the US, was able to improve working memory of 60-70 year old’s to that of a 20 year old. This will need a lot more research and the effects lasted less than an hour after the stimulation. However, this is av very interesting discovery and,

“the researchers hope that one day brain stimulation will find a role in a range of brain disorders from dementia to autism and ADHD to epilepsy.”

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Disney going after Netflix

A lot is happening in streaming this year, Apple just released its TV offering, WarnerMedia and Disney will be releasing their own services. Netflix has a lot of reasons to be scared. This week Disney shed some more light on the coming streaming serviced and apart from all their movies an characters it told investors this week that it is committed to losing money on Disney+ until 2024.

“To put Disney’s financial might into perspective, its video game and merchandise division alone made more money ($1.7B) in 2017 than Netflix did in the whole of 2018 ($1.6B).”

Netflix sure have the first mover advantage here so it will be very interesting to see how it holds!

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