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Apple is all in on services

We have become used to Apple’s events being filled with new devices and hardware. However, during the latest event this week, the focus was entirely on services. Just as the rumors have said, Apple introduced their own streaming service with self-produced content, a news subscription service, and their own gaming service (similar to Google from last week).

And if that wasn’t enough to keep customers within the Apple-infrastructure, they launched their own credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs. Even further transformation towards a service-based business, taking yet another few percentages of those service purchases.

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Amazon continues to disrupt logistics

Amazon has in a short time grown into an extremely important customer for logistics companies such as FedEx and UPS. Amazon, on the other hand, does not seem interested in being dependent on these players and has for years been investing heavily in its own logistics service. FedEx’s share price has suffered since news of more investments last year.

And now “investors worry that Amazon could take its in-house network to market to compete with the industry’s established players. Amazon Web Services, its $25bn cloud-computing division, followed a similar path.”

FedEx stated that they are not worried about Amazon’s forward integration into logistics and emphasizes that Amazon is not one of their most important customers.

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Robots in warehouses

More logistics: Most of you have probably seen videos of Alibaba warehouse robots, zipping around the floor with boxes on top. They are just one of many robots being used in warehouses today and now Boston Dynamics have released a new type of robot, one that can pick tings up and drive around. It sort of looks like a Segway that drives itself and has a robot arm on top.

Interesting here is that most robots today are static or focus on one task, while this one can both move around and perform a series of (relatively) complex tasks. (Also, there’s a pretty cool video if you are interested in the area.)

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