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Solar energy in space?

It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but The China Academy of Space Technology Corporation states that they plan to establish a solar power plant in space by 2025. The conditions for capturing solar energy are undoubtedly better in space, the problem is just how to get the plant up there and then get the energy back. One idea is to 3D-print most of the plant in space and that the energy that is created should be beamed with microwaves back to earth. Regardless, if they get it to work it has tremendous potential.

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Virgin Galactic’s first test passenger

Some people have been waiting for their Virgin Galactic ride to space for as much as 14 years. Now finally it seems their (and 600 other people’s) queuing is coming to an end. MR Branson himself:

“Hope to be the first passenger on SpaceShipTwo’s inaugural commercial flight as early as this summer. If the company succeeds, it will offer 90-minute flights at the bargain price of $250,000.”

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