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AI has finished Schubert’s unfinished Symphony No.8

Huawei may be having some tough times with fraud allegations and whole countries starting to ban their technology. This week however the company was part of a big step for AI. Franz Schubert’s Symphony No.8 from 1822 was never completed, but Huawei’s AI and Emmy-awarding composer Lucas Cantor has now completed it! This week it was played at London’s Cadogan Hall.

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Spotify goes beyond music and made a profit for the first time

This week, Spotify announced that they are acquiring the podcast studios Anchor and Gimlet Media and thus makes an effort not only to offer a music platform, and its logical. If Spotify’s users were to put parts of their use on podcasts, it would increase Spotify’s margins because they simply become less dependent on the large record companies.

At the same time, and for the first time, Spotify presented black figures with their Q4 report after having managed to grow 87 million paying subscribers to 96 million during the quarter. We’ll see what the podcast investment will result in.

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Set a password for your IOT devices!

A few weeks back we wrote about the state of security 2019 and one of the points was;

“Attackers will disrupt Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices using vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure and hardware”.

This week security researchers discovered that thousands of new freezers from Resource Data Management (RDM) are online and using default passwords. Hackers could destroy thousands of products just for fun, and some of these freezers are used by hospitals. Come on people, just set your own password!

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