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Working remotely has positive impact on engagement and loyalty

OwlLabs recently published the study “State of Remote Work 2019” and it show that letting employees work remotely can have several positive impacts. The comprehensive survey on US employees showed that over 80% would be happier and feel more trusted if they were able to work remotely and 74% said it would make them less likely to leave their employer. Actually, 24% would take a pay cut up to 10% for it to happen.

And last but not least, remote workers seem to shower before work to the same extent as on-site workers.

Read the full report: State of Remote Work 2019

No more privacy for Ecuador’s citizens

The security thread continues, this time for ALL citizens of Ecuador.

“Two systems containing all the information of all citizens of Ecuador had extremely poor security that only a regular web-browser was required to gain full access to the entire trove of data. Evidence was also found to show that at least one of the systems was exploited for months before being taken down by the authorities in Ecuador.”

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